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SEVEN HILLS - racing pigeons

Only eight cocks and 18 hens of the famous stock birds from the best lines of LEO HEREMANS, DIRK VAN DEN BULCK, RUDY VAN REETH/KAREL LAENENRUDI DIELS, DIRK VAN DYCK, JUUL VAN LOOVEREN and GUSTAAF BOECKMANS as well as  brothers and sisters from top racers of the previous top racing loft HELMUT HAINSCH (e.g. TITELSAMMLER-806, REGIO-AS-527 and TRIPLE ONE) are providing for youngsters.

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Half brother BLAUWE LEO - double grandson OLYMPIADE 003 - Leo Heremans
B16- 6165888

BLAUWE BERND is a excellent cock. He is half brother of BLAUWE LEO and a son of the top breeder B-3608. The descendants of B-608 have won more than 50times a 1st price. B-3608 is also father of BLAUWE LEO from Dirk Van den Bulck, which is father of SAGAN, 6times 1st price winner.

BLAUWE BERND is a double grandson of OLYMPIADE 003, Olympiade bird Lievin 2003, 2nd nat. asduif Snelheid KBDB 2002. His father comes from the famous couple OLYMPIADE 003 x GOUDKLOMPJE. His mother is a sister of JACKPOT and DE POWER. She was bred by OLYMPIADE 003 x BLAUW KAMPIOENTJE.

This is the old breeding base of Leo Heremans!

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ENKELSOHN KITTEL - Dirk Van den Bulck

B-493 is an excellent cock and he was born on the breeding loft of Rudy Van Reeth. Rudy has bred RUDY'S Kittel from his KITTEL BOLT. KITTEL BOLT is a son of KITTEL and comes from the couple KITTEL x ZUSTER BOLT. He was sold for 16.000 €. The mother of B-493 is a granddaughter of KITTEL.

RUDY'S KITTEL is closely bred on KITTEL. A brother of RUDY'S KITTEL has won in 2019 for Rudy van Reeth  1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd ....

KITTEL was 1. asduif KBDB und fastes pigeon in Belgium in "History"  and he has won 1st Noyon 805 p. ,1st Souppes 660 p., 1st Quievrain 2029 p., 1st Quievrain 1792 p., 2nd Quievrain 2023 p., 3rd Quievrain 2443 p., 4th Quievrain 2212 p., 9th Quievrain 1934 p..

BOLT was 1. nat. asduif jonge KBDB 2012.

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He comes from the breeding loft of Sven Fierens and he is a grandson of the famous PITBULL-777.

Sven Fierens bred him from the couple son PITBILL-777 x granddaughter PITBULL-777.

PITBULL-777 himself has won 6times a 1st price.

He is als top breeder of Rudy Van Reeth. His descendants have won more then 75 time a first price and the were national and olympic ace pigeons.

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The base of the red Van den Bulcks - Jos Cools

BASIC BULCK goes back to the origin of GOEDE RODE and BROER GOEDE RODE von Dirk Van den Bulck.

He is an original from Jos Cools, who's pigeons are part of the base of GOEDE RODE and BROER GOEDE RODE. Jos Cools is a top address in Belgium and was 1st nat. champion KBDB short distance 2015.

BASIC BULCK is a half brother of the father of GOEDE RODE. Jos Cools has bred him from a son of WINNETOU and a sister of WINNETOU. WINNETOU was an excellent racing pigeon and has won 21 price cards within the 1st tenth, e.g. 1-2-3-3-3-3-13 and so on. Furthermore he was top breeder and basic cock of Jos Cools.

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Son BERT - 1. NAT. ace pigeon KBDB 2015 - JUUL VAN LOOVEREN
B18- 6216139

B-6139 comes from the breeding loft of Juul Van Looveren and is a son of BERT, 1st national ace pigeon KBDB, yearlings 2015, short distance. BERT has won 1-1-1-1-2 price and a legendary coefficient of 0,7906 and was olympic pigeon 2017 in Brussels. BERT was winner of 2nd nat. championship KBDB, short middle distance 2015. In total BERT has won 20times a 1st price.

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Blauer Kannibaal
Grandson Kannibaal x granddaughter De Beul - Van Dyck x Janssen

Rolf Huchthausen has bred this cock from his "030", which is an inbred breeding to KANNIBAAL from Dirk Dyck. Descendants of 030 were very successful on multiple racing lofts.

The mother of 533 comes from two originals from Janssen-Brothers (son PRINCESS x daughter DE BEUL).

The 533 is father of DV 3577-18-74, best yearling in the racing union on the loft of Helmut Hainsch (RV Hamm an der Lippe). He is also uncle of Titelsammlers 806 and of his nestbrother 807, which have won 120 Preise pricecards together as well as many championships.

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Best brother
Janssen x van Dyck x Langheim - Helmut Hainsch

581 comes from the breeding loft of Helmut Hainsch and he was bred by a Janssen cock  from Rolf Huchthausen. His mother was an excellent breeding hen (Schellens via D. Langheim-Herbots-Van Dyck). 581 is a full brother of top racing cocks of Helmut Hainsch:
DV-03577-14-806 (TITELSAMMLER-806):
2014: 9 price cards,
2015: 9 price cards,
2016: 12/11 price cards, 2nd best cock in union, many top results
2017: 14/13 price cards, 6th best cock in union
2018: 14/13 price cards, 10th best cock in union
and DV-03577-14-807:
2017: 14/11 price cards.
2018: 14/11 price cards.

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Kleiner Bourges
Van Dyck x Adriaenssen x Schellens x Verbruggen- Helmut Hainsch

390 comes from the breeding loft of Helmut Hainsch. The father of 390 comes from a son of KLAMPER from Louis Adriaenssen and a daughter of BOURGES from Dirk Van Dyck. His mother is no. 40, a top breeder. She was bred by a combinaton of Schellens/Verbruggen. 5 brothers of no. 40 have won in 2006 in total 57 price cards.

Several half brothres of 390 were top racers, e.g.
332 - 2016: Best yearling in union
354 - 2011: 2nd best yearling in union
158 - 2015: 11 price cards, winner of the 3rd championship in union

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SEVEN HILLS - racing pigeons

Breeding with passion

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